The short answer is that I'm a 30-something mum to two boys and two cats. I suffer from multiple physical and mental health issues which I challenge on a daily basis so that they don't stop me from running a kick-ass home-based business. I'm a "slight" coffee addict, enjoy crocheting and blogging, and am absolutely glitter obsessed.


Eight years ago I was a relatively new single mother, working full time in a high pressure environment and spending at least three hours a day commuting. I would leave the boys with a childminder at 06:45 and my mum would pick them up at 18:00. On a really good day I could be back home by 19:00, frequently it would be well past 20:00. It felt like I didn't see my youngest during the week and just about managed to sneak some time listening to my eldest read in the evenings.

Being made redundant in 2012 was a blessing in disguise. I hadn't realised how exhausted I was until I finally had the chance to rest. I took time out to spend with the boys and finally had the chance to do school runs, watch class assemblies and see them in action at after school clubs. Instead of having less than a week of quality time together over the space of a month, we were enjoying all manner of activities in the afternoons and school holidays. The change of pace felt incredible.

I took the opportunity to retrain as a nail tech, something I'd wanted to do for quite some time but lacked the available hours and funding. I loved the work and the benefits of running my own business. Although finances were tough, the time flexibility was just what I needed for my family. I had a brilliant two years travelling the local area with my mobile tech kit but it wasn't meant to be.

After catching flu and a nasty viral infection in the space of a month, I developed CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis). My GP initially described it as "a type of post-viral fatigue" and said it would go away if I rested and maybe did some gentle exercise. My solution was to get a bit more sleep. I continued to power through because that was what I'd always done and it had never done me any harm.

Over the next six months I was forced to admit that I couldn't continue working. I closed my business and gave up on my dream. I was devastated.

I hadn't hit rock bottom yet, though.

A group trip to a theme park. The only way I could join in was to use a wheelchair.

Having finally won the fight for a concrete diagnosis and a referral for specialist treatment I discovered that the options offered did not provide the miracle cure I was hoping for. In fact, the treatment was based upon principles that the scientific community now consider to be unsafe and ineffective and, often produce a rapid and quite severe exacerbation of symptoms.

Despite taking what benefit I could from the treatment provided, I was struggling with managing both daily life and looking after two children. I was unable to help around the house, struggled to drive more than a few miles and had difficulty walking much more than 50 metres at a time. I no longer went out with my family if any real activity was involved because it affected my health so negatively.

I had to take dramatic action to prevent myself from becoming housebound. I scaled back my daily activities, asked family to take over the morning school runs and taxi-ing the boys (and myself) around. I rested for hours each day just so I could manage the hours when I wasn't asleep. I justified every thing I did, asking whether it would improve my condition, maintain it or aggravate it. I was always balancing the enjoyment of an activity against maintaining my current state of health.

It worked, and slowly I began to see some improvement. I'm now at a level where I can manage the afternoon school run and a small amount of driving, and even don't need to rest quite so much during the day. If I want to do something with my family that's within my physical limitations, I can. Sure, I may have to budget my energy expenditure before and afterwards, and only do what I know I can achieve, but it's worth it.

I'd been in a battle with my weight for my entire adult life (and some time before that), yo-yoing between labels of overweight, obese and morbidly obese. I'd tried calorie restriction, the cabbage soup diet, extreme fasting, diet clubs, shakes, neuro-linguistic programming and more! While some worked for a while I'd eventually rebound and rebel against the program, going on to put on more weight than I'd lost.

Towards the end of 2017 I noticed that some friends were having amazing weight loss success with a product which I'd never even realised was a thing. Putting my trust in these ladies, I headed straight to the website to order. As I entered my details the site asked if I wanted to become a representative. The fee was next to nothing so I ticked the box, figuring I might sell a few over time and if not, I could skip a few trips to Starbucks and I'd be all even.

It didn't take me long to visualise the life-changing potential of other products in the range and just what they could do for me and my health. I was hooked! My friends explained how the business works and I realised that the opportunity was far greater than losing weight and improving my health: I could completely redesign my life on terms that worked for me.


I won't lie and tell you I'm skinny; it's a work in progress and one that's been challenged by six months on medication which worked against the products I'm using and road that I'm following. I'm back on track, steadily losing weight and firmly believe in the products I'm using. Plus, I'm winning the struggle against the constant bugs and illnesses the boys bring home from school (but never seem to catch themselves!)

I get all of these benefits while running my own business, giving me the flexibility my family and my health needs. Thanks to my business I've created new friendships and strengthened existing ones; every day I'm pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Best of all I get to follow my passion: supporting women on their own wellness journey while they create a life they love.

Are you ready to learn more about how we can work together to help YOU on your journey?