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Weight loss can be frustrating at times. Sometimes a change in lifestyle works in areas you are not aware of or cannot measure. You might find that instead of losing weight your blood pressure lowers, or you suffer less from anxiety. You may have more energy or feel happier and more positive.

Seeing the results of a lifestyle change takes time; it’s like cleaning out a closet that’s jammed full of all sorts of things. As you decide to organize and sort out the closet you pull everything out, sort what you are throwing out, pile up a section to give away and make an area for what you are now going to keep. Meanwhile, your husband walks into the room, goes “Wow! What a mess! I thought you were cleaning up in here! What have you been doing all day?”

What exactly is a weight loss rut?

Your body is just like that closet. Sometimes your body needs to do some spring cleaning, which might look like nothing is going on at all, or maybe even a bigger mess. This might mean a weight gain, or suffering the side effects of detox until your body can tidy up things, repair and normalise, before starting to put everything back in to order.

Back in the closet, the items you are keeping can go back inside and you are proud of yourself, all organized. This is similar to when your body starts functioning properly and can now focus on the things that you think are important, like things you can see and measure! Your body knows best; trust it. Your lifestyle change will work and your body will respond when it is ready and in the order of priority for it, not you!

Stay positive; your mind is a very powerful tool!!!

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